Lucy Caile

About The Striped Daisy
         Fashion is in many ways an art form. Putting certain fabrics together in ways that is pleasing to the designer's eyes can help the wearer of the clothing show a little piece of themselves that they couldn't fully express through their voice. Writing is the same way. When someone has more time to think through their beliefs and emotions a type of art can derive from the mix of words placed eloquently next to each other. Seemingly in just the right way to display a certain emotion.
         With the creation of The Striped Daisy I wanted to make something that represented the art of fashion and writing. By mixing both my passion for writing and the fashion world into my posts I feel confident that I did the goal of the blog justice. The Striped Daisy is for anyone who may be looking towards clothing in order to express themselves. I like to think of fashion as a sort of silent rebellion in which you can convey some of yourself that may be difficult to do in everyday life. 
"To me clothing is a form of self expression. There are hints about who you are in what you wear." 

 - Marc Jacobs